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Amsterdamsche Cricket Club
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French women’s club
Cosmo Polite
Green Drinks
British Society of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Multi Meet Up Group
International Women’s Contact Amsterdam
Meet in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Expat Meetup Group
American Women’s Club of Amsterdam

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The website Expat Amstelveen aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Amstelveen

Bordering the Amsterdamse Bos between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam, Amstelveen is a green, family-oriented city with a strong international influence. This makes Amstelveen popular with expats, especially with children.

Amstelveen is home to around 85,000 residents, 14% of whom have a non-Dutch background. Compared to other Dutch cities, Amstelveen has an older population – one in five residents are over the age of 65. It is also a wealthier city, with the average income being 25% higher than the national average.

Brief History

Although Amstelveen looks and feels like a new city, archaeological remains date the original settlement at around 1278. Prior to 1900, Amstelveen was a small rural village dependent on livestock for its survival.

The major stimulus to Amstelveen’s expansion was the construction of Schiphol Airport. Local and international airport staff moved to Amstelveen. It had the benefits of being a quiet, spacious living environment, with only a short commute to work. In addition, KLM located its headquarters in Amstelveen.

In 2013 the municipalities of Amstelveen and Aalsmeer combined to form a new joint civil service responsible for all the administrative tasks of both regions.

What has Amstelveen to offer

The streets have a suburban feel. About 80% of the homes were built after 1960, with more houses currently under construction, especially in the southern area of Westerwijk.

Numerous parks offer nature escapes and give the city its green feeling. Popular summer spots include the Amstelveense Poel (lake), actually part of the Amsterdamse Bos.

The multicultural factor is evident in the Stadshart and around the main Town Square where many restaurants offer delights from countries other than the Netherlands.

Lovers of culture can visit COBRA, the national museum for modern art – or jump on the tram or metro for a short ride to one of the many museums or theatres in Amsterdam.

For sport enthusiasts, there is an abundance of sporting clubs and facilities: everything from beach volleyball to rugby to baseball to tai chi.

Expat Amstelveen

Amstelveen is a culturally diverse city. The four top non-Dutch nationalities living in Amstelveen are Indian, Japanese, British and German. The International School of Amsterdam is located in Amstelveen and takes students from preschool level through to grade 12. It has a student population of over 1000 students from 53 countries.

Information about relocating to Amstelveen is available through the Expat Center in Amsterdam. Smaller, less formal expat groups are available in Amstelveen, formed by parent groups, sporting clubs or people of the same cultural background.

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